About us

ZöldMami – Green solutions for green households

The main objective of ZöldMami is to offer sustainable, healthy, environmentally-friendly solutions, "green alternatives" to everything related to any household activities.

Our goal is to become a favourite shop of green households where, besides healthy food and beverages, we can provide green solutions to all other activities in the household (eg.: personal hygiene, oral health care, cleaning, washing, gardening etc.).

We want to make the 100% biodegradable toothbrush, the compostable diapers, bio detergents, organic superfoods, environmentally friendly products, 100% natural cosmetics available at one place.

ZöldMami is the webshop where you can find the natural alternative to the products you use so using them you not only support your health, but also our environment. 

When using ZöldMami products you do not have to change your habits while being more eco-friendly, conscious, healthy and supporting sustainability.

Our high quality, green alternative products are imported mostly from Western European and Scandinavian countries, but you can find products from the United States and Canada as well at ZöldMami.