Payment and Shipment



How to order

Add the items you wish to buy into your cart then click on the „Cash-desk” button situated in the middle of the menu bar on the top of the page.
You may alter the quantity of each item in „Cart content” box within the „Cart” menu item.
After entering the shipment details please choose the delivery method.
In case of delivery, complete and check the shipment address in the „Shipment details” menu item. If the invoicing details differ from the shipment details, You have to change it here.
Our system automatically offers you the parameters and details entered upon the first order. You may, of course, change any of Your data by selecting the „Give new address” radio button.
You may send further information or comments concerning the shipment and delivery to our colleagues and our courier service here.
Then we summarize the details of the order which includes the products you have chosen, the payable total amount, the shipment deadline, the accepted discounts, and the delivery and payment method respectively. You may finalise and submit Your order by clicking on „Finalise your order„ button.
You may track the status of your order on our site under the „My orders” menu item.
Our system sends an automatic confirmation of Your order within 48 hours. If the confirmation does not arrive, You are exempted from your binding offer.

Payment by bank card

This payment option is only available for goods shipped with GLS courier. In that case, you can pay your order by using a payment system operated by the Borgun payment service provider after entering your valid credit card (MasterCard, Visa) details. Packed with the product, you will receive the final invoice for the transaction.

Payment on delivery

This payment method is available only in case of goods delivered by GLS courier. In this case you may pay your order upon delivery only in cash. The courier service cannot accept credit cards and gift cards.

Payment by bank transfer in advance

You may also pay by bank transfer in advance in case of a delivery by GLS courier.
If you choose as a payment method the payment by bank transfer in advance in course of the ordering, please transfer the entire total amount (including the delivery fee, if any) to the Service Provider’s following bank account:
Bio-Tech Distributions Kft.
Bank: Oberbank
Bank account No.: 18400010-03759313-40100013
Please insert the order identification number contained by our confirmation letter into the narrative of the bank transfer. You will find the final invoice summarizing the transaction packaged together with the product.

PayPal™ payment

You may also pay by PayPal™ payment in case of a delivery by GLS courier.
What is PayPal™? PayPal™ is the safest online payment method!
PayPal™ is a financial institution providing cash-free money circulation solutions, that specialized itself in e-commerce. PayPal™ maintains an electronic account for its clients. Users can add money to their PayPal™ account by credit card payment, bank transfer or collection order from their personal or business bank account. There is no need to provide or forward confidential credit card or bank account details during the online shopping, instead it is suffice to give you PayPal user name and password to perform the payment. Easy, fast, safe, popular, cheap, useful and widespread.

How a payment is made?

When you would like to pay for the product(s) selected in our web shop, in the last stage of the payment process we redirect you to the site of PayPal™ where you have two options:
If you already have a PayPal™ account You just have to login in with your PayPal™ username (this is your email address) and password, then, after checking the payment details, you have to approve the payment.
If you do not have a PayPal™ account, first you have to create one. Upon creating a PayPal™ account, in addition to some basic data, you have to provide the details of you embossed bank card! If you are interested on how a PayPal™ user account can be created, click on site.
Upon creating a PayPal™ account You may safely give your bank card details as PayPal™ will only charge your bank account linked to the bank card if your PayPal balance does not cover the payment of the desired service.


Shipment terms

The price shown next to the items is the purchase price of that item that includes the value added tax as well. The purchase prices shown next to the products will surely not change in the period between placing the order and the delivery, therefore You will pay the price shown on the page when placing the order. Delivery deadline:

- 1-2 business day (on stock), 2-3 business days (out of stock).

Domestic shipment

The products ordered are delivered by GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Csomag-Logisztikai Kft. (Customer service:+36 1 802 0265). The delivery fee depending on the value of the products purchased:

  • Free delivery by GLS courier service for purchases over HUF20.000
  • Delivery by GLS courier service in case of prepayment (bank transfer) HUF990
  • Delivery via GLS courier service in case of CREDIT CARD payment HUF990
  • Delivery by GLS courier service in case of PayPal HUF1.490
  • Delivery with GLS courier service c.o.d. (cash payment to the courier) in case of payment HUF1.490

The costs of delivery are established in all cases based on the quantity of the goods delivered.
In case of a domestic shipment you may choose between cash payment on delivery, prepayment by bank transfer and PayPal™.
If you wish to add further remarks or clarifications concerning the time of delivery, you may do so in the comments box of the ordering form. 

In case of a request for delivery abroad please you send your enquiry to the address!