Hungarian manufactured eco-friendly household products? 
Good news for expats in Hungary!

All your favorite organic solutions, 100% natural cosmetics, vegan and raw food, eco-friendly, green articles and all sort of sustainable solutions available in Hungary now along with the highest quality green products coming from cutting edge Hungarian manufacturers! 

“It was not our initial intention to achieve two things at a time… it really just happened to be that way. Our original mission was to collect and offer fairly priced, eco-friendly solutions to all household activities in Hungary and during that quest we actually happened to find a good number of wonderful Hungarian “green” companies with extremely high quality products… and so it became part of our mission to make them widely available and also help them get international exposure through expats in Hungary besides making them more popular with Hungarian customers….” says Ms. Orsolya Palotás, GM for Zöld Mami.

It all came full circle for Zöld Mami when we started to receive more and more inquiries from expats to make their services available also to non-native Hungarians, primarily to expats living and working in Hungary. 

Zöld Mami or “Green Mom” - offering green solutions to green households

The main objective of Zöld Mami is to offer sustainable, healthy, environmentally-friendly solutions, "green alternatives" to everything related to any household activities.

Besides organic, healthy food Zöld Mami provides “green solutions” for all aspects of household activities, be it cosmetics, personal hygiene, oral care, household cleaning, laundry or even gardening. 

You will find everything “under one roof”: 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes and oral care products, compostable nappies and baby care products, 100% biodegradable detergents, vegan superfood products, 100% natural based eco-friendly cosmetics, paleo and vegan food and drinks, organic rice drinks, eco-friendly wipes or natural based probiotic feminine hygiene products. 

Zöld Mami is the webshop where you can find the natural alternative to the products you are already using so by opting for the green alternative you not only support your own health, but also our planet. Win-win…

When using Zöld Mami products you do not have to change any of your habits while being eco-friendlier, conscious, healthy and supporting sustainability AND at the same time you do not have to spend more money.

The high quality, green alternative products are imported mostly from Western European and Scandinavian countries and you can find products from the United States as well, but there is a great variety of green items produced by Hungarian manufacturers in Hungary.

“We find this journey extremely exciting. We spend a lot of time looking for the best green solutions available globally. We have just been to the largest international natural products expo (Natural Products West Expo – Anaheim/USA) and also to the world’s leading trade fair of organic food (BIOFACH – Nurnberg/Germany). At the same time, we have ongoing discussions with a lot of new Hungarian green manufacturers. We can hardly wait to introduce all of them on Zöld Mami. These are really exciting times for us and we are finding our real purpose in making these sustainable solutions available to the general public….”  adds Ms. Orsolya Palotás.

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