"Times have changed since we started Marbushka, but our dedication to games and to excellence hasn't changed a bit. Once a small artisanal workshop, we have quickly grown into a company that does its own in-house production and design where we create high quality games. We pour the best of our knowledge into ensuring that every game that leaves our family-owned workshop – is perfect.

The philosophy behind our designs is originality, honesty and playfulness. Our goal is to put a new twist on the meaning of children's games, and to create a new world which children and their parents can enjoy together.

We believe that enduring quality can be achieved only through the use of natural materials and the finest craftsmanship. Marbushka was brought into being by our passion for games, and has been nurtured by it ever since. We make games that will remain treasures across many generations, not only due to their outward appearance, but their substance and spirit as well."

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Bug gallery memory Bug gallery memory


Bug gallery memory


Ex Tax: 2,835Ft

Now you can get to know the characters of the bugs multiplayer game better! You can assemble a whole family ph..

Dogs & homes Dogs & homes


Dogs & homes


Ex Tax: 7,795Ft

Time goes by so slowly while humans are at work. It’s hard to be a good dog and wait patiently when exciting a..

Quick! Quick!




Ex Tax: 6,220Ft

Every town is full of strange people who sometimes travel to strange places. As a taxi driver, you are the fir..

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)