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Tricho Immun 100g Trichoderma strains for gardening

Tricho Immun 100g Trichoderma strains for gardening - danuba garden

Tricho Immun 100g Trichoderma strains for gardening - Garden and barbecue - 5.080Ft

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Tricho Immun 100gTrichoderma mushroom strains developed in Hungary, 100% organic and chemical-freeIt accelerates the development of the plant, thus helping the crop to grow.Increases plant immunity against fungal infections.It helps to seal the plant, protecting it from pathogens.It protects the pla..

Tricho Immun 100g

Trichoderma mushroom strains developed in Hungary, 100% organic and chemical-free

It accelerates the development of the plant, thus helping the crop to grow.

Increases plant immunity against fungal infections.

It helps to seal the plant, protecting it from pathogens.

It protects the plant from stress factors, e.g. drought.

It is effective against fungi that penetrate the plant, such as downy mildew and botrytis.

Dose: 100 grams is enough for two 20 liter backpack sprayers, 25 grams must be mixed in lukewarm water for the 5 liter hand sprayer. After opening, it can be stored for 3 months in a cool, dry place. In the case of unopened packaging, the manufacturer guarantees the indicated germ count and active ingredient content for 18 months from production.

The dose and time of application (temperature, time of day) must be observed to avoid scorching the plants. Do not spray on a hot day.

Wash the spray clean before and after use.

Recommended application:

Since the Trichoderma mushroom strains are on a sugar carrier, they must be dissolved in hand-warm water, so they dissolve better.

It is worth spreading together with algae, because it helps adhesion and plant penetration. For example Asco Alga or Kelpak (2dl/10 liters of water).

The Trichoderma strains in the Tricho Immun preparation have microparasitic ability against all the internal pathogens that cause necrotic lesions.

It proved to be effective against powdery mildew on leaf surfaces after a single sulfur treatment (Kecskemét, 2020 test results)

It stimulates the development of the plant, thus increasing the amount of fruit.

It acts as a parasite, so it can seal wounds, which is an effective defense against pathogens.

Increases plant immunity.

Fungal strains in Tricho Immun could be successfully confirmed from plants several years after treatment.

They also adapted well to agricultural cultivation conditions, colonized well even with the use of tested fungicides, and their effect was long-term.

Hungarian patent

The Trichoderma strains were developed by researchers from the University of Debrecen, Prof. Dr. Erzsébet Karaffa and Dr. Csilla Kovács, the research began in 2015 in the Tokaj wine region.

The Tricho Immun preparation contains two Trichoderma strains, which are protected and patented in Hungary. These two species are Trichoderma afroharzianum (TR04) and Trichoderma simmonsii (TR05).

The Tricho Immun fungal strains need 24-48 hours to get into the plant, for that long it is good if there is no persistent, soaking rain. If applied together with algae, it can speed up its penetration into the plant.

Tricho Immun should be applied as soon as possible, it is worth doing this already during pruning, but it is most worthwhile before flowering, because the plants are most sensitive during that period. The wound surface caused by pruning is already suitable for Tricho Immun to enter, but if there is a green surface, it can best enter the plant through it. In addition to the Tricho Immun treatment, the use of the Soft Guard product can also be useful.

 If Tricho Immun is applied to green foliage or lawns, it is recommended to also use Asco Algae, especially if the foliage area is not yet large enough. Algae helps the adhesion and absorption of Tricho Immun, nourishes and strengthens the plants, increases their resistance, thickens the plant juices, so the plants are more resistant to frosts.

Tricho Immun is basically worth using as prevention, but it can still help the plants if the treatment is delayed. After the sick, freshly dead, goiter-like symptoms, the infected parts must be removed, then the cutting surfaces and the living parts of the plant must be sprayed with the Tricho Immun preparation, which will then sprout again and become stronger. Effective for fruit trees (apricots, apples, pears, cherries) or even ornamental plants (magnolias, roses) and lawns.

Tricho Immun can also be used during flowering, but it is worth strengthening the plant during the flowering period so that it is resistant to monilia and botrytis.